How can acupuncture treatment help you quit smoking?

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Each and every cigarette packet comes with the label that cigarette smoking is injurious to health, but still there are people who cannot avoid smoking. If you are tired of smoking and feel guilty after consuming 1 full packet of cigarette every day, it is time to do something. An alternative treatment like acupuncture can bring about recovery and stop you from smoking. It is a traditional Chinese therapy and treatment which is constituted of the diverse range of therapies. In the traditional treatment procedure, fine needles are just placed on certain regions of the body and thereby rotated or rather stimulated. The needles are placed along certain energy channels or the meridians. According to the acupuncturists, the meridians comprise the very life force that influences the body’s energy to an extent. The medical treatment can cure the cravings for tobacco and drugs. It is the medication free method for avoiding tobacco. Around 70-80% of people surrendered the propensity when they experienced the treatment.

How can acupuncture help in breaking the tobacco smoking habit?

The efficacy of acupuncture in silver spring with smoking cessation has been established over the years with multiple studies proving its worth. A growing number of smokers are becoming ex-smokers with the help of acupuncture. The treatment procedure takes into account the various symptoms of smoking and balances the energy in the body for optimum health. When you visit an acupuncture clinic, the acupuncturist will focus on your restlessness, jitters, cravings and the irritability associated with withdrawal. The treatment also helps in detoxification and relaxation. After the initial treatment, acupuncture can prevent you from smoking for up to five long years. A lot depends on the professional who carries out the treatment.

On the off chance that you are thinking about whether the customary Chinese treatment can help you quit smoking, then you have to realize that acupuncturists may lessen your desires for nicotine and even address withdrawal side effects. For an assortment of reasons we can’t exclusively believe the cases made by the acupuncturists that they can stop smoking. It may sound somewhat episodic as there is an absence of therapeutic proofs however needle therapy treatment can help one quit smoking. The majority of our addictions are identified with tension, sorrow and stress. Truth be told, the conventional needle therapy treatment is implied precisely for the treatment of stress, uneasiness and misery.

The needles used during the treatment are as thin as human hairs and are inserted into the regions of the body to help you out with the smoking cessation. Thus, there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to whether the needles are dangerous or not.

The Ancient Chinese treatment procedure helps in regulating the flow of blood and energy, triggers the body’s healing process, restores good health and even reduces pain from certain regions of the body. The benefits listed above are one of the many reasons that patients choose acupuncture treatment to carry out their smoking cessation plan.


How to find the best acupuncture clinic for your treatment?

An alternative form of medicine, acupuncture is gaining a lot of popularity in the western world. More people are turning towards holistic and natural kinds of treatment. When it comes to acupuncture, it is a diverse form of treatment that may be used for addressing a number of injuries and diseases. Since many people are just new to the kind of treatment, they do not know how to find the best clinic for this treatment. When it comes to choosing an acupuncturist, you need to weigh your options and look for quality medical care only. If you want to find the best clinic, you can follow certain tips and guidelines as stated below.

A clinic specific to your needs

You may need this kind of treatment for various reasons. Choose a clinic which specializes in the service you are looking for. In fact, the professional or acupuncturist must bear specific skills in addressing your problem. The clinic you are interested in must be able to treat your issue. In short, the clinic must specialize in the treatment you are looking for.

Get to know about the qualifications of your prospective practitioner

Since it is the acupuncturist who will carry out the treatment, you need to gather as much information on the qualification of your clinician. He or she must have experience in practicing acupuncture. He or she must be licensed by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, meaning they have the right approach, skills and knowledge.

How many sittings will you need?

Before the acupuncturist starts the treatment, you must discuss out the treatment procedure and the number of treatments or sittings you will require. It is important to know about the frequency of treatment needed to address the issue in a perfect manner. Discuss out the cost of sessions and calculate the price. It must be within your budget.

Health insurance coverage

Try to choose a clinic which provides health insurance coverage. If the clinic accepts health insurance, it will get convenient for you to carry out the treatment. It is important to learn about the coverage.

The kind of service offered

Acupuncture covers a wide range of therapies and treatment procedures. Thus, it is vital to learn the kind of service the clinic can offer. Make sure, you find the clinic which offers the therapy you exactly need.

By following the above factors, you can arrive at the best clinic for your treatment.


What are the various merits of acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture, the form of alternative treatment, is the main element of traditional Chinese treatment. The pseudoscience imbibes a diverse range of theories based on several techniques and philosophies. Here in the treatment, needles are inserted that are as thin as human hair. Certain strategic points on the skin are chosen for this needle insertion and thus the treatment procedure is carried out. Those strategic points are referred to as ‘acupuncture points’.

Acupuncture can help reduce weight
The treatment procedure can bolster your resilience and help combat food temptations. So, you can respond positively to the healthy diet and exercise schedule. It is a powerful treatment for weight loss.
Acupuncture to improve the fertility
If a woman is undergoing IVF treatment, she can increase her chances of conceiving up to 50% if she avails the right acupuncture treatment. Hair thin needles are inserted into certain parts of the body to improve fertility.
Cure headache with acupuncture
If you have to take aspirin continuously, you can take up acupuncture treatment to reduce the frequency of headache. In fact, this kind of treatment may also extinguish the headache altogether.

Fight depression

It is already seen that out of 5 people, 2 are depressed. Depression is the leading cause of suicides among those who suffer from severe depression. Acupuncture treatment can be used as an adjunct treatment to cure mild to severe depression.

Acupuncture for the asthma sufferers

The sort of administration advertised

Needle therapy covers an extensive variety of treatments and treatment systems. In this way, it is crucial to take in the sort of administration the center can offer. Ensure, you discover the center which offers the treatment you precisely require.If used in conjunction with other fertility treatment, this traditional Chinese treatment can certainly help a woman conceive.

By taking after the above components, you can touch base at the best facility for the treatment.

The kind of treatment brings about symptomatic relief to those individuals who suffer from asthma. It can be used as alternative treatment procedure to trigger the strategic points of the body to bring about early recovery from asthmatic attacks. By stimulating the points, it brings about benefits.

Reduce migraines and sugar level

If you wish to reduce the diabetes symptoms and want to eliminate the problem of high blood sugar level, you can consider acupuncture. It is also a viable treatment for migraine attacks. Here the root cause of migraine or tension is eliminated.

To get the maximum benefits from the treatment, you need to find highly qualified and reliable acupuncturist. Make use of referrals and choose only a licensed practitioner.